High Mix, Low Volume Automatic Die & Lens Bonder

MDA is the Standard Equipment for the Lens and Die Attach segment primarily serve the high mix, low volume production segment of Optical Transceiver market.

MDA supports the following bonding processes:

  • Bonding Die (VCSEL and PIN) with Silver-filled Epoxy Process
  • Bonding a Lens with UV Curable Adhesive Process
  • Bonding Edge Emitting Laser Die with a AuSn Eutectic Process


  • Accuracy down to ±1µm @ 3s with cycle-times down to 25 sec AuSn eutectic process
  • Eutectic laser soldering or epoxy bonding
  • Small die size down to 100µm
  • Closed-loop bond force control
  • Supports all dispensing technologies
  • Optional: flip-chip bonding, wafer mapping, post bond inspection, heated tools, etc.

Custom Peripheral Options

Additional Key Features, Options and Capabilities

  • Heated Bond Tool
  • Pulse Heater
  • Substrate Magazine Loader

Additional Modular Processes (Optional)

  • Loading
  • Bonding
  • Height Scanner
  • Quality Traceability
  • UV Cure
  • Handling/Conveyance
  • Active Aligner
  • Substrate Support
  • Vision/Optical
  • Vision Alignment

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