Fully Automatic Dual Lens Bonder 

Hilender is a Standard Equipment for the Lens and Die Attach segment primarily serve the high mix, low volume production segment of Optical Transceiver market.

Hilender supports the following bonding processes:

  • Bonding Die (VCSEL and PIN) with Silver-filled Epoxy Process
  • Bonding a Lens with UV Curable Adhesive Process
  • Bonding Edge Emitting Laser Die with a AuSn Eutectic Process


  • Supports ±0.3µm @ 3s placement accuracy
  • Supports all die attach and flip-chip applications including all AFCPlus capabilities
  • Higher-resolution alignment optics
  • Active vibration damping system
  • Automatic placement offset tuning system
  • High-resolution 300mm banding station
  • Dynamic alignment system
  • Quantitative parallelism calibration

Custom Peripheral Options

Additional Key Features, Options and Capabilities

  • Heated Bond Tool
  • Pulse Heater
  • Substrate Magazine Loader

Additional Modular Processes (Optional)

  • Loading
  • Bonding
  • Height Scanner
  • Quality Traceability
  • UV Cure
  • Handling/Conveyance
  • Active Aligner
  • Substrate Support
  • Vision/Optical
  • Vision Alignment

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